Legnurt leading developer of digital platforms in the field of education and medicine, namely in the segment of pediatric care. We provide medical professionals with an innovative tool to improve the quality of child care, and also strive to revolutionize the educational process, making it fun and effective for every student.

Together, we are creating a future for our children today.

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Every child is unique, and we recognize this uniqueness. The most important aspect of our future is taking care of the health and development of our children.

In the modern world of high technology, the learning process should not be monotonous and healthcare should provide professional support to the younger generation. We believe that every child deserves an individual approach that develops their unique abilities, passions, health and safety.

To achieve these goals, Legnurt offers two solutions:

SEOS is an educational space where every child can unlock their potential, gain confidence in their abilities and become ready for an exciting future.

Viola is a leader of innovative high-tech applications designed for healthcare professionals who monitor the well-being and developmental stages of children.

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